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Your partner in responsible real estate development

We're rebuilding communities through sustainable, circular construction. Places for people to truly live.

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Our mission

Advocating for lasting, positive change for cities and communities through rehabilitation projects

At BURCO, our mission is to be the partner of choice for investors who want to support niche, city rehabilitation projects. With over 300.000 m² currently under development, we are ensuring a brighter, greener future for cities in Europe, developing real estate projects with energy performance, circularity and sustainability at the very heart of everything we do.

Greener developments for a cleaner, brighter future

From reclaiming building blocks to create lush gardens for residents, to installing geothermal energy and natural gas co-generation - sustainability defines our efforts.

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Meeting the evolving needs of our clients and the property development industry for over 45 years

For over 45 years, our partners have entrusted us to develop socially responsible, multifunctional real estate projects that offer quality living and working experiences. Through continuous collaboration with our clients we strive to achieve common goals for optimal investment.

From identifying a plot to handing you the keys - we're with you every step of the way

Identifying investment opportunities with integrity that serve social and functional needs is what we do best at Burco.

Our mission after the identification of a project is:

  • To define the best program depending on its specificities : renovation, construction, reconstruction.
  • To  set up a building team with the best architects, engineering offices and other consultants.
  • To lead the process all the way until the building permits in the respect of the initial guidelines of the project.
  • To organise the financing and construction team that will allow the effective development.
  • To follow the construction process until the final delivery in the constant willingness of our client’s satisfaction and our partner’s respect.



Since 1978 our partners have entrusted us to lead the way in developing socially responsible real estate projects.



With each project, you have access to a team of 25 workers who are fully immersed in your development project.



Operating in Belgium and Poland we aim to enhance and boost lives for generations on an international scale.



15 projects under development, rehabilitating and enriching cities through residential, business and leisure properties.

Our dedicated, experienced team is here to help you achieve your real estate goals


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Managing Director

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Project Director

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Technical Director

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Management Assistant

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Junior Project Manager

Nizar Karkouri

Our values


We want to create a cleaner and brighter future for all. We identify, monitor and anticipate the ever evolving needs of our clients to ensure a positive living and working experience.
We take an active approach to better understand the challenges of society and how that affects development, evolving projects with our trusted team of architects when needed.


We strive for greater transparency within every aspect of our operations and feel that our duty is to offer open and honest avenues for communication and information.
We want to act as a positive change for communities through city rehabilitation, partnering with responsible partners who share our values.


We are committed to providing sustainable developments for all, leading the way in circular construction and city rehabilitation.


We lead projects from point A-to-Z ensuring quality at all stages and providing worry free investment for partners. Because the small details matter.


We take great pride in understanding each and every partner we work with, integrating their unique needs into every project and offering a collaborative approach.


We take great pride in being a reliable, trustworthy partner that delivers results when we say we will.

Turn your real estate goals into reality. Start your project today.

Choose risk-free investments. Choose sustainable, circular construction. Choose the team that cares about the future.